Coaching for positive change
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CollegeCoaching uses a flexible but structured process to help you examine the challenges you wish to address. The program is usually a minimum ten weeks of sixty to ninety minute sessions. Evaluation takes place along the way ensuring expectations are met and progress is being made. A selection of profiling tools is made available to assist clients in clarifying goals and values.

About the coaching process
These notes may help you to decide if coaching is for you. At CollegeCoaching we believe that no matter how your life has been lived up till now, you have the power to change it if that is your wish. This is attained using a ‘solutions focused’ framework. Attitude of mind is everything.

What coaching involves
Coaching is a process of purposeful reflection, values clarification, learning, sometimes un-learning and most of all, action to initiate change or achieve goals. Coaching also provides for regular, ongoing constructive feedback and evaluation. It is an accelerated learning process and begins with mature, reflective conversations.

About you – The ‘coachee’
People who choose to be coached are usually quite successful and reflective human beings. They value the opportunity to increase that success by working with a coach to achieve their goals, whether they be personal goals or workplace ambitions. Perhaps they wish to move in a completely different direction and need to commit to new strategies to achieve this end.

The role of the coach
The coach’s role it to clarify and align with the goals of the client, and to work collaboratively in helping you achieve your goals. You will be asked to complete a readiness for coaching questionnaire. This document helps the coach identify the extent of the prospective clients commitment to the coaching process, and highlights areas that may need clarification for the benefit of the client.

As your coach I will
  • Commit to genuinely helping you to achieve or progress toward your desired goals.
  • Apply the skills of listening, questioning and support, and sometimes provide material resources, which are based on sound adult learning principles.
  • At all times abide by the International Coach Federation Code of Conduct, which includes remaining honest and ethical and maintaining strict confidentiality.
Benefits of coaching
Changes of thinking and behaviour are the key outcomes of coaching. Coaching has proven to be an effective method for creating lasting change. Reported benefits include:
  • Having a personal guide as your sounding board and motivator, and experiencing a special learning relationship, the nature of which is rare in other forms of personal development.
  • Gaining assistance to identify challenges, overcome procrastination and blockages, and commit to goals and actions.
  • Having support and guidance helping you to move towards a more balanced, focused, and rewarding life.
  • Improving motivation, direction, commitment and performance.
  • Achieving lasting changes in attitudes, skills, perspectives and behaviours.
  • Building skills and acquiring strategies to perform better in the workplace, or run your business/team more effectively.